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For the Children - Stress and anxiety can affect kids at nearly any age
How can we support our children who have anxiety and stress? Dr. Vinall contributes to the conversation with suggestions for supporting childrens’ emotional and physical well-being.
9 Ways to Support a Child With Anxiety
What if the best way to care for and support your child with anxiety is actually to take care of your own mental health first? Vinall contributes tangible and approachable techniques and strategies to...
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Can’t Stop Worrying About, Well, Everything?
“A worry tree is not just a practical tool but an empowering mindfulness process as well.” Dr. Deborah Vinall details an accessible approach to tackling life’s worries in a way that empowers you.
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Love in the Time of Swipes: A Survival Guide for Dating App Users
Does “swiping” bring you joy? Or stress, anxiety, and heartache? Dr. Vinall weighs in on mental health, therapy, and the dating apps.
How To Prevent Jealousy From Getting In The Way Of Being Happy For Your Thriving Friends
Jealousy, Jealousy? We all have tumultuous relationships, and Dr. Vinall offers supportive words for women experiencing jealousy to move toward empowering confidence and authentic friendship.
9 Signs You Might Have a Toxic Sister (Plus, How to Deal)
Dr. Vinall offers creative and boundary-aligned opportunities to address toxic relationship dynamics with sisters. Discover approachable language and suggestions to create healthy sibling relationships.
5 Signs *Your* Behavior Is Passive-Aggressive
Did you know passive-aggressive behavior stems from insecurity? We can all do reflective work and Dr. Vinall provides graceful support on how to address passive aggressive behavior and move towards empowerment.
How a Mantra Can Improve Your Mental Health
From “Om” to “I am strong,” mantras can be a new practice in your healing journey. Dr. Vinall walks us through what mantras are, what it can look like, and how to use them to empower us in our daily lives.
There Are 2 Types of Envy—Benign and Malicious—But Both Can Affect Your Friendships
How can you tell if feeling envy is harmful to yourself or your relationships? Vinall explains how to navigate envy as an emotion that rises in friendships and ourselves.
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