New Beginnings

Light green journal with a pencil.

When my son began public school, I decided to dedicate my newfound alone time to writing, a lifelong passion. I began a blog, writing at the intersection of social issues and spirituality. I was in my zone, nibbling dark chocolate as I arranged my ideas like petals on a page.

The blog immediately took off. I panicked.

And I stopped writing.

Have you ever found yourself holding back, afraid of your own success? Making yourself small? Wondering who you are to take up so much space, or, like I was, paralyzed by fear of the “haters” who will inevitably come to knock you back into place?

What’s fueling that fear? What is it, really, that boxes you in?

And what are you willing to do to challenge those fears? Do you accept the limitations of the beliefs you have accumulated through life’s assaults, or do you itch to shed that old skin?

I eventually came back to writing when I was offered a book deal for Gaslighting (and subsequently Trauma Recovery Workbook). That’s when I learned the importance of having a strong online presence as a writer. I can only imagine how it would have helped to spread the message of my books had I not shot myself in the foot, so to speak, by letting my fear of angry incels hold me back.

The beauty of life, I am realizing, is that it is never truly too late for new beginnings.

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